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of Peter Nagy

FRAP (fluroescence recovery after photobleaching)

I have written a Matlab application, frapfit, which performs basic analysis of a FRAP experiment. It does simple exponential fitting providing the immobile fraction and the empirical recovery time constant without calculating the diffusion coefficient.
A tutorial about diffusion phenomena in cells and their investigation by FRAP is also available.

Syntax: frapfit

Registration: a machine specific code is shown when running the program for the first time, which you have to send to peter.v.nagy@gmail.com. I will send you a machine-specific unlock code free of charge.

Installation: download frapfit.zip, unzip it into a folder on your machine and type frapfit at the Matlab command prompt after changing the current folder to the one you installed the application into. Alternatively, add the folder to the search path of Matlab.
DipImage, available free of charge, is required for running the program.

Help: the Help file also available from within the application.

Upgrading: The program will automatically check for and download upgrades.