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nb_tools: analysis of number and brightness (N&B) experiments

nb_tools is a Matlab program developed for the analysis of number&brightness (N&B) experiments whose principles have been published by the Gratton group (1-color version: Biophys J: 94: 2320; 2-color version: PNAS: 106: 2170

Download manual (Handout of the EMBO course "Studying protein-protein interactions by advanced light microscopy and spectroscopy, Debrecen, 2011, http://embo2011.unideb.hu)

DIPimage and the Curve Fitting Toolbox in Matlab are required to run the tool.

Download the 3 files below, save them into a directory (e.g. (but not necessarily) named N&B). After starting Matlab start dipimage, then start the analysis program by typing nb_tools at the Matlab command prompt (after setting the current folder to where you saved the program).

When running the program first from Matlab, it will generate a code which has to be sent to me (peter.v.nagy@gmail.com) and you will receive a counter-code soon.